An Antique Shoehorn

I purchased this antique shoehorn about two years ago at an antique store that has since moved away. It’s very heavy, pitted, and seems to be either a shoehorn or something that you would leave inserted into the shoe to help it hold its shape. One end is for an adult shoe, the other much smaller for a child’s shoe.

If my mother could see this, I’m pretty sure that she would know just what it is. The sun was beaming into the kitchen so I thought to grab the whiteboard again for these photos. I did my best to make the photos look old like the subject is.

11 thoughts on “An Antique Shoehorn

  1. Have you ever been to the large antique store on Charleston next to Arizona Charlie’s? That place is crazy, fun! You could walk around for hours discovering new..technically old items.

    • No, I never go that far east on Charleston. Now isn’t a good time for that but it sounds like an interesting place. I haven’t been near the Strip for a long time…

  2. So, that’s the way you call it in English. Really, I don’t even know what the Indonesian (my language) term for this little item of civilization. 🙂

    • That’s a great thought! It weighs around 2 pounds I’m guessing and is very pitted, possibly from the 1800s?

    • I remember my dad having wooden forms with a short handle on them that he kept stuffed into his work shoes. People apparently no longer do this, it’s kind of like wooden hangars isn’t it? More photos created out of sheer boredom!

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