Under a Glum Sky

Mr. Sunshine has taken much of the day off but that doesn’t stop me from getting a few photos. A photo a day keeps the glum away right? I left the big, bulky Nikon at home for this quick jaunt to the party store via a short ride around the area. The two palm tree photos are of trees that were very newly planted. The fronds are kept tied back for a week or more.

Two photos have different people hiking on a gentle slope. A gal is apparently staring at something very interesting on the ground, or she’s having a good cry. I hope not. These two photos show how long the zoom capability is in this tiny mirrorless Sony RX100. It actually seems to have a longer reach than the Nikkor 24/200mm lens.

The photo quality seems on-par with the Nikon. So then, which camera is better, right?

The remaining photo is looking north towards the Las Vegas Range which has 6000ft Gass Peak in its ranks. This photo would be much better in full sunlight I think, and it seems to tell me that the camera suffers in image clarity when the lens is fully extended which it was in this case, but overall the little bugger does a great job for me. Happy Thursday!

6 thoughts on “Under a Glum Sky

    • Thank you, Lavinia, you are so kind! ❤️😊 Maybe I am spoiled as Anneli said by so much sunshine… 😂🌞

    • Hi Anelli, I didn’t see it that way but you are so right. I am totally used to that beautiful vitamin D pouring down from above! It’s 55 right now, about the same conditions for tomorrow then the vitamin D will flow again come Saturday. Is the wind still blasting up there, the little birds hunkered down in your wood shed?

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