I’ve had an odd situation going on with my MacBook’s upload and download speed for about one week now. I was fed completely up this eve, and got to work on a diagnosis of what the heck is going on. After some research on Mac issues about this, I determined that this could possibly be something to do with my browser of choice.

I tried the native Safari browser again which I really dislike and found out that this browser allowed for much faster upload and downloads.OK, then what the heck is going on here? I also dug into what was loading with each page, applications, or anything else that ran automatically upon booting the Mac. I found nothing out of order.

A bit more research after trying these methods or suggestions revealed that a simple reinstallation of the browser can potentially repair this situation. There is no need to delete the browser itself, I certainly did not do that and reinstalled the browser. Fingers crossed, I rebooted the Mac, reloaded every page the browser had open and reloaded each tab.

Wow, other than the restoration of proper speed that I pay too much for via my cable company, the upload and download transfer speeds are back to where they should be. It takes around ten seconds or so to upload around ten full-size photos to my cloud storage on average, so fast. Have you ever used Dialup? Up north, my home had cornfields and soybeans with Dialup!

6 thoughts on “Speedy

  1. Congratulations on figuring out a workaround! I don’t use a Mac, but I run into that problem often with my browsers too. Supposedly the new Edge for Microsoft works well, I haven’t tried it yet. Yes, I remember the dial up days – oy…that was SLOW! Guess we’ve come a long way from there. PS – looks like you tweaked your theme? I’m always too scared to try to change that again, I did it once and too many things broke!

    • Thanks, Shelley! I had had enough of the dialup and got to work on the problem, a simple fix that wasn’t so simple to find. I haven’t had a Windows system for several years now, my MacBook is three years old now.

      I did change the theme up a bit Shelley, but it’s the same theme. What I do is alter the CSS and save it. There are two other ‘looks’ I can apply to the site with a few clicks by applying the different style sheets. It takes a lot of time to alter the style sheet to how I want it, but it’s fun to work with.

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