End of The Tivoli Series

I’m sure you’ve had enough of my Tivoli Village photos for a while, I know I have too! Let’s move on to something different, and thanks for putting up with my love for Tivoli Village. I have two ideas for the next set of photos. I also want to thank you for continuing to visit my meager blog. There aren’t many followers, those that still do never come around. It just is what it is…

6 thoughts on “End of The Tivoli Series

    • Thanks so much, Anita, I appreciate you! The next week will see temps a bit above normal but I’ll take it.

  1. Good Morning dear John, I wasn’t at my desk yesterday… I was in a lazy day! But don’t think of like that. At first you make your own day precious with all your posts and photographs… I do the same. If people enjoy, come, follow, of course I would be so happy… but if not, there is not problem, because I know I am happy to do this blogging world. On the other hand, never being bored your posts, I really love watching, following, you are my one of blogger, friend from Las Vegas… Las Vegas is being you for me… you know, otherwise we all have an image about your city. Have enjoy, whatever you like to do go on… and be sure, if you get enjoy I do too. Beautiful series of this village… Thank you, have a nice week, we can talk whenever you wish, Love, nia

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