8 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. I love these mountains, especially because they are far away. We have a few places in BC where the mountains are so close it seems like you’re in a cage. Also when we were in Switzerland (in another lifetime) some places were so closed in that the sun didn’t clear the mountains until about 11 a.m. and by 2 p.m. it was gone again. I like the mountains to be far enough away to let me feel the open air while I admire them.

    • Good morning, Anneli. I understand what you mean, but only because I have seen the mountains in BC on TV shows like the Heavy Rescue towing shows. The chances for a landslide or being covered up by tons of snow are pretty high.

      If you were to drive to Pahrump from Las Vegas, you will see that the mountain ranges are very far apart which is why these are called Island ranges. Our Spring Mountains are very close and are surrounded by smaller ranges.

      Nevada is the most mountainous state in the union, directly behind Alaska.

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