Slow Ride

Today is a repeat of yesterday except that the sun didn’t come out to play as much. About these photos, the Coyote chasing the Hare is a common theme as these critters roam free here. I love the long ears, and very large, piercing eyes of the Desert Hare.

The road stretching beyond the traffic light is Lone Mountain Road, westbound where it deadends at the foothills. The last photo is the same thing except looking west on Cheyenne Avenue.

Little bits of Las Vegas that the average Las Vegas tourists will likely never see while visiting the city. If you visit here in the future, do yourself a favor and get away from the Strip as there is much more to Las Vegas!

3 thoughts on “Slow Ride

  1. These mountains are great and standing amazing. Much more alive than the city… something like that, that I can express… I love them. Thank you, Love, nia

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