Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds

Looking for better-snacking options, I purchased this large bag of delicious pumpkin seeds from Amazon about a month ago. Looking to reduce my sodium intake, I tossed a few food items yesterday as I am so sick of battling high blood pressure. These pumpkin seeds have about three milligrams of sodium, a completely irrelevant amount, the peanuts have zero sodium.

How can I get the No Salt substitute to stick to the dry, smooth peanuts? Easy, just boil some water, place the peanuts in a colander, and place on top of the steaming pot just long enough to coat the peanuts with a fine coat of condensed water.

Quickly, add the No Salt to the moistened peanuts and stir them to mix them up. Next, pour them into a bowl and add the pumpkin seeds. Mix the peanuts and seeds together and that’s all there is to it. You have a really delicious (to me) extremely low sodium snack that is both tasty and very good for your innards. Hey man, I’m trying to get my diet under control! 😂😎

12 thoughts on “Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds

  1. I love sunflower seeds, and can get plain organic ones here. Pumpkin seeds and peanuts are good, too. Good on salads, or just snacking. Salt was fortunately never a problem for me.

    • You are so lucky to have normal blood pressure, Lavinia! No joke, it’s a battle every single day. I’ve had sunflower seeds too, very tasty. The BP is very good this morning, yay.

    • OK, thanks for this link! I’ve never heard of her obviously. I don’t think I’ll be as influential as she is… 😊

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