14 thoughts on “Mountain Life

  1. so beautiful, fascinated me, I wonder the house… so big… Thank you dear John, it was amazing travel, Love, nia

  2. A shack would have the same view. I’m sure the cost and effort to build, insurance, even isolation would get tedious on a blizzardy day and the milk’s gone sour! LOL!

    • That’s a very good point, Doug! I too wondered about that. They all must have generators for the inevitable power loss. And it’s a very long drive down from there too which is just above 8000 feet. No thanks!

    • Indeed, I have to wonder what the numbers are in terms of home insurance and costs to build in these places.

    • Thank you, Anneli! Actually, i drove into the mountains today and grabbed some new photos from these same places. Getting to work processing now.

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