Homes On High

Y’all really like to see these homes high in the Spring Mountains in the photos, so here are a few of them as close as the 200mm Nikkor could get me to them. In times past, I have driven these subdivision streets, I have to say that this one experience tells me that this neighborhood is not one that I aspire to live in in the future. They are so incredibly steep, and a nightmare waiting to happen each winter.

I hope that each of these folks all have snowmobiles as in my very experienced mind, this would be the best way to scoot around up there in an extreme snow event. Make sure that your power generator tanks are all topped off, and that you’ve got plenty of extra fuel and food stored away!

Please note that these photos looked a bit better before WordPress got hold of them.

7 thoughts on “Homes On High

    • Oh yes indeed! If I recall correctly, you are not from a bitter cold climate. These homes should be absolutely built very tough for the harsh climate in winter. Extra-thick insulation across the board, a large petrol or diesel tank to supply electrical generators and the ability to properly store many months worth of water and food among other considerations. It’s just better down in the valley… 😂

  1. The view should be amazing but yes, I think as you, not an easy place to live. Beautiful photographs, Thank you, Love, nia

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