Always Drive Carefully!

This post is a part of the ‘A Ride to The Mountains’ series I’ve had running for a couple days or so. As my title states, you best be very careful when driving up here as it’s a very long way down should you have an unguarded moment! There are places along these roads where there are no guardrails, just one oops and you’re going for a roll. The beauty up here is so amazing. The smell of fresh air with no smog is a blessing, the sound of the mountain breeze blowing through the beautiful trees is relaxing.

10 thoughts on “Always Drive Carefully!

  1. Wonderful dear John, it is seen in your photographs, I can imagine how it could be there… Thank you, Love, nia

    • our roads are generally 100% better than Michigan roads are. During the 1960s, Michigan had roads that were the envy of other states. Then, the people began to continually elect Democraps to Lansing, our state capital. Hence, the bad roads. Poor priorities…

        • Bingo! I was a little kid in those years Anneli, but I’ve read up on the history. These lefties are killing the state. Too bad because the state really is a beautiful place, the people are far more friendly than these people down here.

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