During my very short visit to the Equine arena this afternoon, this rather odd-looking vehicle appeared. Of course, I had to get the shot, I later processed it and emailed it to my Michigan buddy, and my father. Neither men could place it and came to the same conclusion as I did.

This vehicle must be a hobbyist’s creation which I believe is very cool! I’d like to chat with this guy to find out the story behind its creation. My best guess is that this guy is retired military, and has some extra energy and time to build something so badass!

14 thoughts on “Aye?

    • I agree, the guy has to be rather wealthy! Those tires left some nice dents in the dirt parking lot, just out of frame are some trucks pulling horse trailers. Sent this photo to my dad via text, he says it’s a one-off. Custom built but I’ll bet ya $100 bucks that it will conquer almost anything it comes upon in the desert!

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