The Beautiful Cathedral Rock

Here are some different colored versions of Cathedral Rock near Mount Charleston, in the Spring Mountains. These photos don’t do the rock any justice, you need to see it in person to appreciate it’s shape and beautiful colors. Maybe the 200mm wasn’t the best choice, the 70mm may have rendered/collected better colors but I left that lens at home. Oops!

10 thoughts on “The Beautiful Cathedral Rock

    • Hi Kaya, thanks very much! There is a 2.5 mile trail that will take you to it’s summit, but I can’t do the hike which sucks. My heart just wouldn’t be in it… 😂🤷‍♂️

  1. The striations of exposed rock always fascinate me. I wonder if any creature walked on each level of the soil. What fossilized treasures might be hidden in those levels?

    • A great question, Anneli. 200 million years is a long time to have different kinds of critters walking around what was once a shallow sea!

        • I so agree, it would be so interesting to just snap your fingers, and go back in time to see the world as it was those millions of years ago. The different animals and reptiles, the very different sea creatures and dinosaurs! Scary.

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