A Sign of The Times

My truck was due for another oil change since another three thousand miles has been added to the odometer. Since it was new, the engine oil has been changed almost exactly every three thousand miles, some say higher than this is OK but I don’t buy that. Think of what happens inside your engine. There is plenty of heat and friction that can quickly break down your oil’s viscosity which translates to engine wear and repair bills sooner than they should be needed. So, go change your engine oil!

While waiting for the crew to finish the truck ahead of me, I noticed this face mask kiosk. A true sign of the times in which we live today, would any one of us even believe that this situation would exist in a few month’s time? And that a kiosk would be selling face masks in the parking area of a party store, oil change place, and the car wash? Oh, and Roberto’s Tacos?

4 thoughts on “A Sign of The Times

  1. What I have read says that the KN95 provides more resistance to your breathing while in use. They both filter the same. As far as Chinese manufacturing, I don’t know what is to be done. Some Made in USA labeled products are assembled here, but the parts come from China. Our cars are made with parts from all over the world. Check that new Ford: chances are good the transmission case was made in Indiana in a Japanese owned Ryobi plant. Everything is all mixed up these days. I read something recently in Forbes that said that we now import more from Mexico than we do from China. Go figure…

  2. Somebody is making some cash with the mask stand. Did you notice that the masks listed on stand are the KN95 ones? These are the Chinese government approved, as opposed to the USDA approved K95’s. The KN95’s filter nearly the same, but provide more resistance during use. Know what you are buying…

    • I did notice that letter/number combo but didn’t know what it means. So which is better?

      I wish America would pull the hell out of China in terms of manufacturing of products. I blame the damned unions in this country for decades of being overpaid and having ludicrous, overpriced benefits packages. I hope your not union members… Years ago, the employees at our car dealership threatened to unise. My dad told them go ahead, the doors will be locked on Monday morning, your jobs are all gone.

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