The Nikon Z6 Sensor Dust Issue

Some of you regular visitors will recall my cranky attitude about the sensor on my newer Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera. I did some deep digging into this issue on the internet today, and have apparently found a viable solution for this aggravating problem. These test photos I shot in the backyard this afternoon were one hundred percent better than previous photos.

Photos like these really augment the dust on the sensor. My research shows that my suspicions were true, many people who are using this newer mirrorless body are having the same dust intrusion problem too. I hope to keep the sensor much cleaner going forward. Being an amateur photographer, I guess the image quality may not be as important to others as it is to me…

Click a pic to see zero boogers in the photos!

12 thoughts on “The Nikon Z6 Sensor Dust Issue

    • It really does crank me off, those spots are tough to remove, and make your photography look bad. Unless you don’t scrutinise your photos as closely as I do.

    • It’s understandably dusty down here, the leaf blower blows plenty of dust off of the backyard furniture, the driveway is dusty… Desert life.

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