98.5 Percent Booger Free

Feeling rather bored today, I did a quick spiff on the truck and headed out for a Sunday afternoon joy ride. Why not visit the party store along the way too, aye? As the silly title says, the camera sensor still appears to be 98.5% cleaner after a good cleaning. I hope it will stay this way for a bit. I hope the weather forecasters are incorrect, and that the sun will shine tomorrow.

Say no to camera boogers!

8 thoughts on “98.5 Percent Booger Free

  1. Next Wednesday another snow event is being expected in here… Today it was nice sunny and warm but Wednesday going down to the zero degrees again… Dear John, these mountains are amazing so beautiful and you take them very clearly… Thank you, Love, nia

    • Again? That’s very uncommon for your region isn’t it? The snow that does fall here won’t stay on the ground long, Nia. It’s still just a bit too warm for it to stick around long.

        • Thank you, you too, Nia. I am going nowhere but home for the next two days at least. I never go out anywhere when it’s raining as the roads are too slick with oil and more. And, my pristine truck gets dirty! 😂🌵🌴

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