Neighborhood iPhone Photography

It’s been perfect weather for walking, so I’ve been walking my neighborhood instead of driving anywhere. It’s kind of hard to believe that tomorrow’s weather will be one hundred percent different with rain showers and slightly cooler temperatures.

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  1. I wished to walk too… For a few days I have been dealing with my pains… But not too bad now. I loved these photographs too dear John, weather is amazing, in everywhere, Thank you, Love, nia

      • I looked at the photos and thought ‘ I wish I was there!’ It’s freezing here at the moment, plenty of snow about.

        • It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow, with a high temperature of 48F, we need the rain so badly. I follow several UK blogs, Vinny, I see that you guys have had plenty of rain and snow this winter. Stay bundled up! 🇬🇧❤️

            • Indeed, the drought here is sad, yet the east coast has been drowning for a while now. Our beautiful Lake Mead is 80 or more feet below Full Pond. I’ll take the rain, but you can hold on to the cold temperatures, Vinny! 😂🥶❄️

              • It must be very difficult John. Hopefully you will get a bit of rainfall soon. Has it always been a problem or is it global warming?!

                • To the best of my knowledge, Lake Mead hasn’t seen full pond since the 1980s. I could be wrong but that’s what I have read about this on more than one website. The water is shared with Arizona, California and other water authorities.

                  Honestly, I have never believed in this global warming hysteria beyond the fact that this planet has warmed and cooled for many thousands of years on it’s own, long before the advent of humans.

                  The proof is in the Geologic Record.

                  Earth Geology simply can not lie, as do politicians and governments who desire to control entire populations for political and financial gains. That’s how I view this problem. And little children are taught this lie as fact in public schools here.

                  • Hiya John just seen your reply. I’m not sure really. All I know is where I live. Britain gets flooded in summer and winter now. Here in Hull we have the river that cuts the city in two with a large tidal barrier. The flooding we’ve had has been because of the torrential rain. In 2007 we had over months rain in less than a day. The whole city was submerged! Had a few since then but not as severe as that. Whatever is happening, natural or man-made we are all feeling it.

  2. Walking is a great thing to do, John! With your weather I’d be walking a lot. I used to walk 2 to 3 miles a day, but the cold/snow/rainy weather has made me miss several days.

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