Melting and Lifting

The white stuff that fell overnight has all melted from my place now, here’s a photo looking west down my street. Pretty! Those clouds are very slowly lifting up, yet another low-pressure system will move into the valley this week. Winters…

16 thoughts on “Melting and Lifting

  1. WOW! At the end you had snow there dear John, seems so beautiful, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Yeah, we sure did get hit with a bit of snow, Nia, but it wasn’t much and completely melted by the afternoon as I expected. It looks much better on the mountains than on my home!

      • …..:) yes, I can almost understand… But at the end it is very nice and different view…

    • Thank you! It’s processed with Aurora HDR, and PhotoScape X. They are my main ‘work horse’ applications. That snow fell oovernight, not such a pretty sight… 😂🌴🤷‍♂️

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