Recent Grub

Recently, I’ve cut several salty foods out of my diet. The largest blood pressure raisers are my chili which I love and miss, but my black olives too among a few other foods. I’ve been purchasing much more fruit and veggies, both canned, frozen, and those that I can simply toss in the refrigerator. I want something healthier to munch on instead of tater chips or salty crackers.

This morning, I woofed down a yummy sliced cuke, complete with a splash of faux salt and black pepper. It’s been very different shopping for food these last two times! The eggs and toast were yesterday’s grub, complete with unsalted, I mean unbuttered toast. Today, I cheated for lunchtime and chowed down three tacos from Taco Hell. Not so good as Roberto’s, but they work!

4 thoughts on “Recent Grub

    • The problem with chili made by others is they pile in the salt, vegan, or otherwise. I’ll have a look for something similar though, thanks. 😊

    • I am tempted by the ‘chili’ isle in the store each time, but I must resist! Portion control won’t make your belly feel full… 😊

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