Replaced by A Chick-fil-A!

Bummer. Claim Jumper restaurants have some seriously good food, including very delicious soups. The closest location was along Charleston Boulevard. The remaining unit is located in Henderson, NV which shares a common border with Las Vegas. While Henderson is a nice city, I’m not going to drive way the heck down there.

I sent them an email about this, but like so many big companies today, they probably don’t give a crap about what customers say. For them, it’s all about what their bean counters say…

These are iPhone photos of the now gone location which has been replaced by a damn fast food joint. Hey, big fast-food today is much cheaper than real food, right? Can this contribute to our obesity problem in the States today?

One thought on “Replaced by A Chick-fil-A!

  1. That’s too bad… We went to a Claim Jumper in Seattle and enjoyed it. Yes they have great soup! I guess it is cheaper to redo an existing building instead of new construction.

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