Snowy Peaks, Round Two

Here is the next set of photos taken early today, with some beautiful sky over the Las Vegas Strip. Desert love!

8 thoughts on “Snowy Peaks, Round Two

  1. Skies are so much more interesting when they have clouds. (I think we have the most interesting skies in the world. Clouds every day!) But these photos are very nice with the clouds.

    • Thank you! When I see these kinds of clouds, I have to get the photos as they respond so well during processing. Fun with photography!

      • I usually see the best light on our mountain as I drive across the Tasman bridge and can’t stop :/ I enjoy watching it all the same but it would be nice to capture and share it.

          • Yes but they’re a little out of the way and it’s usually when I’m pushed for time on my postie run. If it’s after work I can nip up a nearby lookout on a hill πŸ™‚

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