Biker Bars and Desert Donkeys

Here are two older photos for you, the donkey is likely hanging out just outside of Las Vegas to the west around the Red Rock Canyon area. The Pioneer Saloon is in Goodsprings, Nevada. You can read more about the history of our wild donkeys here.

10 thoughts on “Biker Bars and Desert Donkeys

    • Thanks so much! I see these cuties usually north of SR160, Blue Diamond Road, and the actual Red Rock Canyon to the north.

    • That’s a great point, Anneli! Imagine living those days, so different than what we have today. A very rough life. The horses won’t blast yoour ears with drag pipe exhaust. 🏍

  1. Great article about the history of these guys. I’ve always wondered how they ended up there. The Happy Burro Chili and Beer spot sounds awesome! Thanks John! Great pictures. Are you guys getting any of the rain we are seeing here in CA?

    • Thank you, and you are welcome, Sandra! 😊

      Yes, there is a bit of rain today, and my backyard was wet when I looked out there at about 6AM today. Just windy, overcast and spitting an occasional shower which we seriously need down here.

      There was a bit of snow on the ground at my home a couple or three days ago, it went away within hours but the mountains look pretty with snow on them. Be well, my friend! 😊 (BTW, Wilson is inside this winter, poor guy!) 😂🐢

      • Wow, snow?! Is that unusual in your area? I’ll bet the scorpions didn’t care for that! Happy to hear that Wilson is inside where it’s nice and warm. You take good care John!

        • Thanks, I sure will. Every other winter or so it seems, just a bit of snow makes it down here below 2000 feet. It’s usually at 3000 or more feet but I’m so glad it vanishes quickly. I can move back to Michigan in the future if I wanted that stuff again! My truck never leaves the garage if possible when it’s raining or wet since it’s 6 years old, very low millage and in near-mint condition. Guys and their trucks, aye? 😂

    • Hee Haw!! They are rather docile, not interested much in we humans and wander away to munch on the dead fronds of the Joshua Trees which isn’t good for the trees… They are always fun to see wandering in small packs too. 🌵❤️🐴

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