Remembering That Drone

Looking at these DJI drone photos from a couple years ago, I think maybe I should have kept the thing as it did take some dandy photos from just four hundred feet as you can see. Should I pick up another basic drone to add to my photography?

19 thoughts on “Remembering That Drone

  1. These are so beautiful and I add to my favorite list. I don’t know much about drone but really so nice to watch from the sky and to take photographs from the sky… If you don’t mind I want to share them on my right side gallery dear John? Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Hi John, I have the original Mavic Air, but if I were to buy today Iā€™d look into the Mavic Mini – I think a mark 2 has been launched. From my understanding they are under the legal weight of most restrictions and licence requirements! Check your local ones though to be sure. For their size they have most of the features of the larger ones – amazing how the tech has shrunk over a few years. You probably have to be wary of any wind a bit more due to their light weight, but they are also relatively cheap, so less to lose. Cheers.

  3. These are so great ! It gives a much better impression of the landscape. Why didn’t you keep the drone John ? I would love to have one…

    • Thank you! I sold it because of too many flight restrictions around here, even outside of the city. I may pick another one up in time, so nice to see the landscape from above.

    • 5MP is mighty small, I hope you get a newer unit but they are not cheap. The need for some kind of license, and the crazy restrictions are bothersome for me. Can’t we just have some fun without the insane restrictions BS? The only place I can use the drone, even in the desert, has restrictions.

      • The restrictions are awful. I’ve seen creators run into major issues because of them. I haven’t ever used the drone for blog work because of the poor quality camera. I can’t believe that you are restricted in the desert! That’s just crazy!

        • The restrictions outside the city are for specific areas where the public gathers such as the red Rock Canyon area and similar. If I drive over the Pass and go into Lovell Canyon, it’s a green light as there are very few people there usually. That’s the best I can remember from two years ago.

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