The Persistence of Snow

As pretty as it is way up in those foothills, it is very persistent and clings to the rock tenaciously! The juxtaposition of palm trees and snow in the background is an interesting contrast of environments. I’ll have the warmer environment, please?🌴❄️

7 thoughts on “The Persistence of Snow

    • I’m right there with ya, Anneli! Weird weather down here today with gusty winds, occasional rain while the sun is shining… 50F here is better than the 23 in my Michigan hometown right now! ❄️🌴🌞

        • It’s always been west to east so they can have it. I see a < tag in your comment, you like to play with your style sheet too? 🤪

          • I was trying to figure out what happened there when I wrote “<pre like Michigan." I think my fingers slipped over one space. I meant to write "more like Michigan." The < and p are right next to the m and o. Duh! I have to be more careful with my typing.

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