After The Night Photos

After those photos, I set the Nikon in the living room and snapped these silly photos with the iPhone. Man oh man, it’s such a beautiful day in Las Vegas today! The sunshine is back and the city is on the move. I stopped at a local park and had a short walk. I was very dismayed that apparently, about 99% of the people there including children were not wearing masks!

I’d like to ask these people why the hell they are not wearing masks, but that isn’t my style. Yet shame on them for potentially adding to, and helping to spread, this terrible virus. Ignorance is as ignorance does. I on the other hand was masked up and had my trusty bottle of hand sanitiser in my pocket as always. Come on Americans, use your damn brains!

4 thoughts on “After The Night Photos

  1. It’s bad to have to say it, but people are so stubborn about breaking rules. This is not only the at your place … Here we are dealing with calls via Facebook to argue against the curfew that has been imposed. Turns out these protesters have little to do with corona but mostly rioters and football holigans who come to destroy shops and set vehicles on fire.

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