Nothing New For You

It’s true, I have nothing new for you today. What to do? Just grab some random photos in the kitchen and outside the kitchen. Welcome to my very peaceful and sunny Sunday morning! Partly sunny and upper 50s are forecast for Las Vegas today, warmer temperatures are coming next week in the low 60s, sounds wonderful in January, doesn’t it?

How do you like that pile of medications on the kitchen counter? Lovely pills, aren’t they? They are mostly blood pressure medications but since I’ve altered my diet recently, that middle pile represents many of the pills I haven’t needed! Wonderful, isn’t it? I can still make a good decision these days… Happy Sunday to you!

20 thoughts on “Nothing New For You

  1. Apple is the best! Please remember my words, Mediterranean Diet, more green, more vegetables… Be sure it would be great… and all RED foods, apple, pepper, domatoe, etc. they are the best food for out health. and drink water… 5 glass of water every day (sure more could be better)… I love your kitchen, and your photographs… ah my kitchen! too many things, nia filling always… Thank you dear John, have a nice new week, Love, nia

  2. Every day seems to blur into the next. We have snow today, about 1.5 inches. At least the sun is out now so snow removal will be easy. I’d like your weather better. Way to go – Congrats on improving your diet!

    • They sure do run together, Shelley, more so now since the virus.

      Thanks, I kind of feel like I may have lost a bit of weight, but refuse to step on that damn scale. It’s been a mild winter here, pretty much the same as last winter but I’m ready for the summer now as are my neighbors. Bring on the heat! So nice to see you here, Shelley, enjoy that snow. ❤️

      • I look forward to the days of ‘normal’ again soon. This whole ordeal has been like a social experiment gone wrong! 😉
        The experts say not to get on the scale more than once a week. I’m more into a daily thing, just for kicks.
        I look forward to summer so it takes less time to get dressed to take a walk. We have to layer up quite a bit now and wear boots. It sort of takes the fun out of it.
        We’re fearful that March is going to be extra snowy – we’ve only gotten a few inches so far. YIKES!

        • You may be right on the snow, Shelley. I’ve seen that happen in Michigan when March can be a month of snowstorms. Layers are key to winter outdoor activities, a fact that my Californian Ex never fully understood. Duh. It’s been well more than one week since I’ve stepped on that scale, nobody likes bad news, aye? 😂 Stay toasty up there. 🔥

          • At least when the snow arrives in March, it melts faster with Spring right around the corner.
            Yes, layers are a must!
            You might be surprised by the news from the scale. 🙂
            Stay cool over there!

            • I may be pleasantly surprised, but too chicken (mmm yum) to step on that scale!

              The truth is, I haven’t had the type of clothing needed for Michigan or Wisconsin weather in a few years! I always wear short pants, a tee and a light jacket here during winter and all year round. Low 60s tomorrow, we’ll take it!

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