A Farm Windmill in The Rain

This photo is not as old as I’ve made it to look. It’s an iPhone photo I took while stopped at one of the planned venues on one of the days we toured in dad’s old antique auto in 2015. The person that owns this location had an absolutely incredible collection of pretty much anything antique made in the United States. That collection has got to be worth millions of dollars.

Well, my little photo isn’t worth that much, but it is worth what you see and think of it! These little windmills seem to be the original, and far less ugly, predecessors to our so-called ‘modern’ ugly-ass three-bladed windfarms.

I strongly dislike them aesthetically, and will never believe in them as a replacement for known, tried-and-true power sources that have helped this country to thrive and grow for so many decades. How ‘green’ am I? As green as the cash in my wallet…

12 thoughts on “A Farm Windmill in The Rain

  1. The windmill you have the photo of is an old farm windmill that was used to pump water. A long metal rod ran from a gear motor at the top down to be attached to the water pump. It did not generate electricity, and most were between only 35 to 40 feet tall.

    • Thanks, they also were used to grind up and mill things according to the pages I looked at. Better than a stinking wind farm turbine!

    • As Maj and Sher said, it’s for farm use, probably didn’t kill many birds like those damned wind turbines do. I saw a TV episode on the entire structure, the leading edges of the blades get damage just from use, but the birds they kill also damage the blade.

      Where’s the outcry from the public all around the planet? Wind power, solar power are fine as supplements to the real power generation methods, but they will never power a 125 tonne aircraft to 8 miles above the Earth… The whole ‘green’ movement is so ridiculous to me.

      I smirk at these electric cars around town, hey, can you drive down to Laughlin and back without needing to recharge with electricity that was generated by coal, oil, natural gas or nuke?

      Just one guy’s opinion, LOL!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  2. Hi John! This is cool. Hey what’s the name of the cool iPhone photo editor you use? I just got a new iPhone and am anxious to try it out lol.

    • Hi Janet, good to see you here! I use a few different apps on my MacBoook Pro for these effects.

      One of them is PhotoScape X, the other is Aurora HDR.

      I also use iColorama on my iPad as well, so it’s a little army of photo apps. I don’t know if iColorama will run on an iPhone, never tried it but it is exclusively for the Apple products, not for Windows. I hope this helps, Janet. Congrats on buying a real phone too, not an android running ‘Gewgle’!! 😊

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