Turkey, Taters and Radio

How about some unrelated subjects for this upload? I purchased a big turkey breast at the grocer about three days ago, it needed to be polished off soon so I got to work on that early today, mmm, so delicious! I forgot the gravy. Mmm, gravy!

Those very redundant photos of golden brown deep-fried deliciousness were a late-night snack once again late last night after a couple of cold ones and yet another TV viewing marathon. I do love my little marathons…

Those radio-related silly photos were born of pure boredom, sorry to bore y’all with them! I had a really dandy walk this afternoon since it’s still currently sixty-six degrees and mostly sunny. I had two cameras with me and used neither…

5 thoughts on “Turkey, Taters and Radio

  1. Fair subjects! We have a saying in my family (half humorous reflection on meals, half animal love of chow!) – “Food is good!”

    Reminds me of another family saying, that of a Chilean P.E. teacher I met at the University of Nebraska: “Everything your mother prepares to eat is good!” (I think the corollary is, “OR ELSE!”)

    • Thanks, Doug! These were sitting in a folder waiting for me to do something with them, why not mix things up? Honestly, every single thing that my mother ever cooked, baked, fried and everything else was always so delicious! And she would always be humble when told by anyone how wonderful she was with foods. I miss here Salmon Patties, oh my gosh! And homemade spaghetti sauces and her fantastic bean soups! I can go on but you get the point… 😂😋❤️

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