Police, City Views and So Much Blue Sky

While taking a quick ride today, I noticed an inordinate number of police cars in a specific area, each car had a customer pulled over and those gumball lights on top were flashing like crazy. Apparently, there are complaints about speed freaks blasting around on these residential roads. Some are actually five-lane roads, others just two lanes but I saw a total of four police cars.

Thank you, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police for handling this stuff. I drive by all of the rules, no surprise that my driving record is spotless of course. I’ve spoken with the management of this HOA about installing speed bumps, or speed humps they are sometimes called here, in my neighborhood. There are some serious speed offenders in this place and I’ve had enough.

The HOA basically told me to piss off. OK, let’s see how these dolts handle this when someone is seriously injured, or killed in here. Sorry for the rant. These photos are via the trusty old Nikon, how about that fabulous blue sky? What do you think about that white shoebox, it’s supposed to be a home but it has zero curves and looks like a doctor’s office building too!

Update: Apparently, there is something wrong with this post, the photos should open into a tiled mosaic display, Sorry.

4 thoughts on “Police, City Views and So Much Blue Sky

  1. Glad to hear the police are doing a great job. It’s always sad to hear when it takes an accident or terrible injury to bring about change.
    As to that modern style house it’s not my pick but I guess each to their own.

    • To each their own, indeed! I parked next to an officer this morning, I gave him a thumbs up. These are all nice people!

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