Top of The Tower, A Steam Train

I’ve dug up some different things to upload this evening. Being a train buff since the 1990s, this old Union Pacific steam engine is very interesting as it steams by, puffing that smoke all over the place! The tower and antenna photo must have been taken with a drone and is not my photo. The photo probably belongs to a member of the ham radio club I belonged to for years back home in Michigan.

The tower is a three-leg free-standing tower that is several decades old but has been well maintained by the club since those days in the 1990s. It has received a proper old paint removal and fresh paint as need, with the work being done by the members of the club. The antenna on top is a four-bay colinear vertical antenna, built for the high-band VHF frequencies.

Once upon a time, I owned a 220mhz repeater with the antenna on this tower. That’s long gone, but the club still maintains a 440mhz UHF repeater system on this tower with the antenna mounted on a bracket attached to the tower below the colinear VHF system. Have I lost you yet? Sorry if I did! Apparently, my interest in trains has taken a back seat to good old ham radio.

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