For The Health of It!

Here’s a tasty snack I started making a few weeks ago. It’s so simple as you can see in the photo, it’s just these totally delicious pumpkin seeds and unsalted Planter’s Peanuts. Tip, don’t use those cheap peanut brands of peanuts such as our store brand at my local grocer, the difference in taste is obvious to me, anyway. Planter’s peanuts have a richer, bolder flavor to me.

I purchased these pumpkin seeds and unsalted peanuts from Amazon since not one store around here carries either. How do I measure the quantity of peanuts and pumpkin seeds? Simple, I don’t! Just grab roughly one handful of either and plop them in the bowl, then mix them up fully. Next, I add my favorite salt substitute and just a wee bit of black pepper.

Finally, I add just one little teaspoon of Bertolli Extra-Virgin olive oil. Go ahead, stick your hand right down in there, and once again give the seeds and peanuts a really good massage to mix them up nicely. I then allow the mix to sit for a while, about an hour so that the seeds and peanuts have plenty of time to absorb the tasty olive oil. Wash your hands and enjoy!

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    • Personally, I’ve never liked the game. I found later this eve that one half a tea spoon of olive oil would be enough, but it’s still so good!

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