Fry Daddy Returns

At the grocery store yesterday I walked down the aisle with the small appliances and saw this little fry daddy. I had one like this many years ago and made an impulse purchase. I had a larger unit that I didn’t really like, it’s now in the bin at the road this morning. This tiny thing deep-fries potatoes way faster than the big unit did, thank you, Mr. Fry Daddy! Yep, a new food post.

5 thoughts on “Fry Daddy Returns

    • Because it’s nasty greasy after cleaning up a bit, and flimsy. Cheap. I don’t think it’s a safe item to donate.

    • Thanks! I hoped to find a couple pieces in the fridge this morning, but they are all gone. 😂 So good with fresh oil, I love these little red potatoes. ❤️

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