Getting To That Hole

I never did make it to that little hole at the park today, my heart just wasn’t up to the task. But I did get a good hike out of the attempted climb anyway. The little Sony RX100 camera was in my pocket, I stood as still as possible on the loose gravel and rocks for these photos, fairly close to the goal, that little hole.

It’s apparently a small cave in which the sunshine illuminated some of the graffiti inside. Thanks, you little bastards for tarnishing my beautiful Mojave Desert with your ignorance. It’s no surprise that these spray paint cans are now locked inside a cage in the hardware stores. Another indication of the downward slope America is on.

Anyway, I am very impressed with these photos, even the distant Las Vegas Strip looks pretty darn clear considering the distance. The Mosaic display for my photos is still not working, why, I don’t know hence I am using the slideshow for multiple photos. I wonder if this has to do with a plugin I’m using since I use the Business Plan now…

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