The Other Sony Photos

While not exciting, these three photos do show my beloved blue sky looking beautiful as always. That little Sony does take some dandy photos, eh? After crawling out of the sack this morning, my left leg muscles were strangely sore until I remembered the reason why. Ouch! Coming down the grade yesterday on that loose gravel and rocks, I nearly went ass-over-teakettle.

You know, when your moving too fast and are a bit out of control? The Sony may have met its demise should I have rolled down the hill. For the last few days, the Lightbox feature wasn’t working correctly so I was using the Slideshow feature. Unable to find a solution, I opened a chat with one of those WordPress happiness engineers as they like to call themselves.

As much as I and so many others have complained about that damned block editor problem, I need to give credit where it’s due. Whoever this person was on the other keyboard helping me was, she was extremely helpful and did some digging around while I waited. After fifteen minutes or so, she had the problem sorted out. I was again a happy camper, haha!

Whether this speed and efficiency have anything to do with my purchasing that damn Business Plan, I don’t know but it seemed like a much faster response time. Thanks, WordPress. There, credit was paid. Beyond this, the site runs much more quickly than it did before the plan. I suspect that it’s because of the plugins that are speeding this site up so much.

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