One Hell Of A Windstorm!

A while ago I was in Downtown Summerlin capturing some scenes, there were far more people there than  I expected, add to that the crazy weather today. I’m so glad that I headed home when I did! Heading northbound on the two-fifteen freeway, my truck was taking a pounding from the powerful winds both head-on and from the sides at sixty-five miles per hour.

When leaving Summerlin, I could see the very dark line of storm clouds directly north of me. By the time I was at Lake Mead Boulevard, the powerful winds were upon me, throwing fine sand and human debris at the front of my truck, I also heard what sounded like a small stone that hit the lower-left area of the windscreen. Gladly, it didn’t crack, the rest of the truck was OK.

I felt very relieved when pulling into the garage and closing the bay door directly behind me. I grabbed a clean bath towel and wiped the entire truck down, removing the tiny bit of rain that was on the glass and body, I made it haha! Of course, the Nikon was ready to roll at arm’s length so I grabbed a few quick photos, the other photos can wait.

The photo of the accident was taken by just turning the camera backward and taking the shot. Got it. Apparently, the wind and dust were enough to distract one or both of the drivers. Someone’s insurance bill is gonna take a hit! Funny thing, as I passed the Metro Police car, the officer had the appearance of surfing his device. Probably not, haha.

9 thoughts on “One Hell Of A Windstorm!

    • All is well, thanks! It’s still blasting but not as often, so the storm is waning. We aren’t in Michigan anymore, Toto… 😂

    • It looks ominous doesn’t it? Got home barely in time. Still blasting but not as much. As I type this, I hear sirens on the nearby main road. Dang…

  1. Those are some ominous clouds, John. Glad you got home alright. We ha some bad weather, an ice storm, north of here last night. We got rain down here.

    • Ice storms are so dangerous, I could tell you a story of that Michigan day. Thanks, me and truck are good to go. The mountain snows usually stay above 4000 feet, but this winter let that number fall a bit, it’s usually rain here too.

    • All the drivers were doing fair to midland, I saw no accidents on the 215, but you saw the one fender bender I passed on Durango.

      I will literally stay home when it rains because of the slick pavement which reminds me of Black Ice in Michigan. I’ve been driving since 1977 up there and have the experience for slick roads that people here can’t seem to figure out.

      This windstorm is still rocking, shit man! This one’s a real beast!

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