Boat Racing, Always In My Blood

Here are some photos of what yours truly grew up with. I will always have little racing boats in my blood, and a family history of traveling and boat racing. To this day, photos of those wonderful days are all around my home. Note that all photos are our family photos except the poor driver hanging upside down with his boat on top of him, boat racing is very dangerous.

10 thoughts on “Boat Racing, Always In My Blood

  1. Fascinating, what an interesting activity to grow up with. What a rush too to find that speed skimming the water. I had a close encounter with a jet boat when I was younger. Speed crossing rapids can take one in unpredictable directions. Thank you for sharing some history. Very cool 😎

    • Thank you, Beth! It’s a bit funny that I now live in the High Desert, eh? Were you almost run over by the jet boat?

      • Yeah it’s kind of ironic. I enjoyed the pictures of your racing history. The last one is you? Great shot!

        I was actually run over by a jet boat. 🤣 And lived to tell the tale. Concussions are painful. Like, not following directions can be. “Stay close to shore you said?” Righty then!

    • Yes it is! Circa 1970. The boat was a Century hull, powered by a big V8 Chrysler engine I think, coupled to a V-drive. A full-inboard config.

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