The Last Great President

Late last year, I hit 60 years young, during these years as an adult I sincerely believe that Ronald Reagan was the very last truly great president the United States has ever had. Sliding the slider forward to January 2021, I once again have no president. During the Obama years, I had no president. Why? It’s all about politics, and never skin color so don’t go there with me.

Why the American people, the little well-trained babies called Millennials included, can’t see through the veil of lies and deceit that was the Obama presidency, and certainly the Biden years to come, I can’t understand. It’s right there in front of you, smacking your face.

Biden was the absolute worst choice the American people could have made. So thank you, and you know who you are, for taking the rest of us down the evil hole with you. Please, deport yourselves. Just an opinion, folks…

5 thoughts on “The Last Great President

  1. Was it Winston Churchill who said, “When you’re young and not a liberal, you have no heart. But when you’re older and not a conservative, you have no brain”?

    • I’m not sure if Mr. Churchill said that, but I totally agree, Ingrid. Speaking strictly of myself, I think we Baby Boomers are the last generation that truly understand what America is about, and have a deep love for her. In the current political state, I am not surprised really that this bastard was put in office. Going forward, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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