As The World Passes By

This photo is about two years old and taken in the wood near my old Michigan home. This dead oak tree was overdue to fall victim to the Stihl chainsaw. The video is certainly one made while heading to or from Michigan for another wonderful visit with my two babies, dad, and sister. Hopefully, our family will be able to reunite this coming June, over one full year since I have seen any of my family.

Watching the iPhone video, I felt as though so much of my life, my children’s life, and our family have been victims of an unseen foe that is incredibly deadly. A foe that all of mankind is desperately trying to destroy. The dead Oak represents the virus. The video taken over six miles above Earth represents the hope I have of our Lord returning triumphantly to redeem mankind. Be well, my friends.

7 thoughts on “As The World Passes By

  1. I hope you can see family again soon, John. Until then, as Anneli wrote, there is phone and email, and lots of photos you can send. I know it is not as good as being with them, but hang in there, friend!

    • Yes indeed, Annelli. The last two days or so have been difficult once again. Chatting with dad, now in Florida just makes me want to be home that much more.

      This seems to happen here and there, it’s tough yet millions of people are dealing with this of course.

      I really like the video though, imagine yourself standing on the ground and as usual, watching them go by so fast. I miss those 500mph flights!

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