A New Las Vegas Sign

Yesterday as I drove south on Las Vegas Boulevard, I came upon this interesting new sign hanging over the boulevard. It’s been longer than I thought since I had a ride through this part of town. I like it, it’s a nice spin on the original sign at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip near McCarran International Airport and Sunset Boulevard.

15 thoughts on “A New Las Vegas Sign

    • Thanks! It’s very large, the photo kind of captures that. I may have mentioned this, but I am amazed at how bad the road is in that area, not unlike a crappy Michigan road!

        • It will be nice I’m sure. The construction on freeway ramps along the 95 freeway has been going on for at least two years. I seems like these folks are just milking the job for every penny. They can work year-round here so…

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Las Vegas, but it looks like this new sign is standing pretty close to the city limits. As a visitor, I usually don’t think much about where the city ends and Winchester and Paradise begin. On some streets I’ll see a sign, but not always.

    • I think you are correct on it’s location, certainly north of the main Strip attractions. Closer to where Charleston Blvd meets Vegas Blvd.

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