The Amazing Gavin

I don’t know who Gavin is, but apparently, he is an important dude in the neighborhood. I’ve included a few more photos from the Las Vegas Strip too. I was amazed and irritated to see the bicycles riding on the big boulevard as I call it. It’s the same thing as the bikers along Charleston Boulevard outside of the city around Red Rock Canyon.

Too many times, these dolts have crossed the white line and entered the main roadway, the perfect place to be splattered by cars and trucks. Not smart at all, folks… And you’ve been flipped off!

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Gavin

    • That part of the guitar is all I could get since this is another drive-by photo, it’s the Hard Rock venue. Or is it Hard Rock Cafe’, not sure.

    • Thanks! I was stopped in traffic, heard the engines, saw the aircraft and just took a random shot. Got it! I had the 24/70mm lens attached this day, the 200mm lens probably wouldn’t have captured the image. It’s much more fussy about focusing.

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