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Just a few snaps here, mostly on the northbound two-fifteen freeway on the west side of Las Vegas Valley. Speaking of the modus, my super-clean pickem’ up is now six years old but in fantastic, near-mint condition. No road salt has ever touched it thanks to our climate here. It’s all original except the tires, battery, and a small piece of fuel line just above the fuel tank that broke and made my garage smell really bad for a couple of days.

Sometimes, I miss driving a car though for its small size, maneuvering and handling. I’ve thought about swapping the truck for a new car but don’t want the higher insurance cost and monthly payment. The truck is paid for, the insurance is not costly at all because of my clean driving record and my age. So then, what to do?  Plus, I can’t make myself part with the truck for sentimental reasons. This brand has been in my family literally for decades.

I’ve looked at many car brands and find that the Honda line gets my attention the most. There’s a reason for this. For decades, my family has owned Honda four-wheeler bikes, dirt bikes, and power generators as an example. Honda’s quality and dependability across the board with its products have a great track record. One drawback for me is the lack of V6 power though. Not everyone wants to drive a car with a 4 cylinder lawn mower engine in it!

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  1. I have enjoyed my Honda CR-V for 10+ years. Actually, I have had two. The first one was destroyed in a fire – no coming back from that! The second is a 2008, has about 150K miles. Doing great. It has made a couple of trips from Fresno to Reno in the past few weeks. My wife has a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe she swears by.

    • Wow, that is so amazing! I’ve seen GM trucks roll that long, but never a car. Subaru does build great cars. I suppose they cost a lot too, I’ve never checked.

      • It’s been 28 years this year since I bought mine, so I do not know prices anymore.

        A mechanic friend back east bought an old Geo Metro with 1,000,000 miles on it for his wife, refurbished it, and they had it for long time. Many cars will last if cared for.

    • Brand loyalty seems to be slowly fading as Americans buy based more on financial and other reasons today.

      I’ve lived in the auto industry since I was a knee-high.

      Moving here from Michigan, I was amazed at the lack of what I see as American brands like General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford.

      The Motor City has been a very dominant automotive force in America for many decades. I grew up with Motown music and big cars with big engines.

      Cars these days are the victim of the tree hugger political lobbies and the big lie passed off as Global Warming.

      Pure bullshit.

      I am sickened by the ways that the public indoctrination centres in America have brainwashed our children to believe that a lie is the truth, that the truth is a bloody lie.

      Maybe I’ll look for a truck with a 400 CID engine with fuel injection and is hard to stop dumping lead in the air…

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