The Trump Tower

The contrast between the deep blue and the gold of the Trump Tower looked great this day. Thanks, Mr. President.

7 thoughts on “The Trump Tower

    • That would take plenty of legal battles I believe. Their hatred for anything conservative or American sickens me, they should leave this country.

        • No they don’t. They want to control we the sheeple in every way possible, take away every gun and freedom we enjoy, then force us to bow before their leader, O’ Biden.

          • I wish they could listen to the other side without going ballistic over their hatred of Trump. But let’s not get everyone tied in a knot. Like you, I just want basic rights and freedoms that are already enshrined in your constitution and ours. I feel that those are being threatened.

            • Oh yes, they are being threatened. They would love to shred the US Constitution if they could get away with this evil deed. I’m sure many people wouldn’t agree with my perspectives on this, but it’s what I see.

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