A Disappointing Photo Trip

Early today I headed north to Floyd Lamb Park again for a few more bird photos. It was a very disappointing trip because there were very few birds there this trip, mostly Coots and Canadian Geese. Where have all the ducks gone? A cool northerly breeze didn’t help things either, it was basically a wash, so I headed home much sooner than expected. The upside here is that it’s warm and comfy here in my little home. Back to couch potato mode!

4 thoughts on “A Disappointing Photo Trip

  1. Any old way they can stick their fist up your ass… How about spending that enforcement money on shutting down the huge number of super-loud exhaust systems on the cars here? Or writing huge fines to the speeders? And so on and on? Sorry…

  2. There’s a new law that we can’t feed them. It’s a $10 fine, f we do. So, they probably all flew away. Just wondering, did you have anything to do with that? HA

    • Umm, no. Such laws have been around for a long time everywhere as far as I know but ten bucks? Another damned money grab by local “authorities”. Cheesy. I don’t feed wildlife, but people should stop feeding birds and animals bread. It has zero food value for them.

      • Yep. Just read it this morning. It’s a law here in Vegas and I know how you feel about bread. I am just wondering if I can pay the ten bucks in advance. Lol

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