They Goofed My Food Order

It’s no big deal, right? The restaurant doesn’t make a proper hot turkey sandwich, so I asked them for their standard turkey sandwich and fries, and to simply place the gravy over the top of both the fries and the sandwich.

So simple, right? Well, when I got back home and popped the top of the styrofoam container, I got a surprise. Seriously? They had put the gravy (mmm gravy) on the sandwich only but under the top piece of bread! Duh.

This may have happened for various reasons:

  • My mask could have muffled my speech
  • The restaurant was fairly busy at the time
  • The people employed there may not be native English speakers, common here
  • They don’t understand how we Yanks eat up north

In any case, the sandwich was a disappointment which is very unusual for this restaurant. And I left a nice tip too! Hey, I’m trying to keep our mom-and-pop businesses open to keep we the people fed. It’s no big deal, right?

Some boring iPhone photos, taken while waiting outside, mandatory.

6 thoughts on “They Goofed My Food Order

    • It’s not a big deal, but it’s irritating. I just like to grumble about stuff, LOL!! I’ll certainly go back there again, yum! The western omlet they make is so delicious. Mmmmm 😂

    • The fast-food joints are great at screwing up your order, this place has maybe three locations in the valley. Good food, nice employees, but I really looove a good hot turkey sandwich, droning in yummy gravy! 😍😂

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