Sunshine And Water

I snapped these three photos on the way to the bank and grocer this morning, yet another beautiful sunshiny day in Las Vegas. I hope you’ve got plenty of sunshine where you are. 😎 There be boogers on my lens again…

10 thoughts on “Sunshine And Water

    • I never, ever ask a woman her age. So inappropriate. So I’ll never ask. I found the lens booger, it was right on the main lens, duh. That’s why the lens cap should be on… You got the sunshine today, and the wind this eve. Gonna cool a bit the next few days.

    • Wow Ian, I hope you get a break in the weather. I follow a couple other blogs in the UK, they have photos of floods, cars driving through the big puddles… This reminds me of the weather in my home state of Michigan.

      • its been pretty wet this winter John though i must confess yesterday was sunny & warm, at least for the most part, but it did rain at night !! Hopefully it’ll dry up soon, however the mood in the UK today is extremely upbeat. we have been given the date of June 21st to end lockdown. Sounds a long way away but so many of us have started planning stuff. Hope the situation were you are eases just as fast and you can get to see your family again.

        • This is wonderful news! Our population is receiving the vaccine too, my 92 year old father was among the first, he’s had zero side effects. I’m 60 as of last December but have to wait until my county begins vaccinating people my age. They are at 65+ at the moment. Until then, I am still hibernating most of the time. I hope we get the green light on ending our lock down soon. Stay safe, my friend! 🇬🇧

      • I never say things I don’t mean. I do get misunderstood sometimes but when I say I like it, I do. If I don’t, I try not to say anything. Kind of like Thumper in the Bambi movie, when his mother says, “Thumper! What did your father tell you this morning?” And Thumper says bashfully, “If you can’t say sumpin nice, don’t say nuthin at all.”

        • I love your analogy, Anneli! that’s the way I do it too with other blogs. Many times I’ve had to just close the page rather than be a jerk. Thump! 🐇

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