Busted, With No Shame

As I headed home yesterday I went through an alley that I use frequently to avoid the traffic in the parking area out front. About twice per month, I see people ‘dumpster diving’ in these bins. It’s sad and I really do feel bad about this. It could also be an economic indication as well as a result of job loss due to the damned Covid virus.

As I passed this person standing on some plastic trays, she looked at me, I looked at her. Her gaze seemed to me like ‘what the hell are you staring at?’ kind of look. She had two partners who were also raiding the bins. Do they have no shame? Do they simply not give a rat’s ass what other people will think about them? Again, it’s so sad.

Shortly after this, a store employee appeared from the building, walked over to them, and began a conversation with these people I noticed as I was slowly driving away. Obviously, this isn’t healthy for the people and is perhaps illegal too as it should be. I felt as though I should offer them some cash which I rarely carry, for a decent meal.

7 thoughts on “Busted, With No Shame

  1. Some people also enjoy dumpster driving and like living extremely frugal. Have you ever seen the show Extreme Cheapskates? I think you can find it on Youtube.

    • Well said, Anneli. I hesitate to upload this to the site, but I feel compelled. It’s so sad. Yet, one of them apparently owns that hatchback car.

      • So many people are in dire straits these days. It’s easy to judge, but some of these people have very little choice. Some do, of course, but more than usual are hurt by the covid circumstances these days,

        • I agree, so easy to judge but none of us should judge anyone else as our own poo stinks too if you take my meaning. There was much of this here before the virus came.

          I’ve seen tents all in a row along fence lines, with the Vegas Strip easily in view. And folks living in the drainage channels and tunnels near the Strip, so very dangerous and sad.

          This is why I hesitate to upload and discuss this on this blog. Feels so bad.

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