Ham Radio

Amateur Radio or Ham Radio is allocated many bands or sets of frequencies that have been in use for many decades. Since almost day one of my ham radio journey, I have preferred the VHF/UHF bands which use FM, or Frequency Modulation, for its ease of understanding who you are communicating with, and the lack of the annoying interference. This link to the ARRL website will help you understand this better.

Since my home is in a Home Owners Association, I can’t use outdoor antennas, hence the magnet-mount mobile antenna usually used on a car or truck is what I use at this time. There is one other option I may try in the future.

7 thoughts on “Ham Radio

    • I could do that but I don’t think it would help much if at all.

      The antenna needs at least a full 1/4 wavelength of separation from any metallic objects or sometimes other materials, to not affect the Standing Wave Ratio.

      The best alternative I have is to install a short version of a base station antenna in the attic and run feed line to it through the wall into the attic.

      I’d have to have someone do this for me as my health says it wouldn’t be a good thing.

    • That’s not a lamp base, it’s a large magnet encased in plastic.

      It is one part of the electrical equation that gives the entire antenna system a proper resonance. The antenna above is just a long, steel rod around 70 inches long that gradually becomes thinner and at different lengths, with three phasing coils along it’s length providing proper electrical resonance.

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