Prohibition Ends

I have dozens of these old-time photos and will use them when I have nothing to upload. I hope these photos by unknown photographers of old aren’t found to be more interesting than my stuff! Imagine living in those days, such a different world they lived in. The idea of banning booze was a failure even before it ever became law.

Most folks enjoy a bit of booze at some point along the day…

4 thoughts on “Prohibition Ends

  1. Interesting fact. Because of Prohibition, women came more common in bars after it lifted. It gave freedom to those women to celebrate too. There was a separate little room normally off to the side and women gathered there for a cocktail in many bars. Some Irish Pubs still have them because women were not allowed for religious reasons too. After prohibition and the WWs they got to enjoy a little bubbly and thus… women bar owners today.

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