The Next Set

Here is another set from the Sony RX100 Mark 7. Much of the same things I’ve posted before unfortunately, but it’s a nice test for the camera. I plan to take the camera and my tripod into the desert tomorrow for a few landscape photos, maybe I can find some Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels in Calico Basin too. For the most part, I’m very impressed with how well these photos cleaned up in processing! I almost feel like a pro, haha. 10 photos in this set.

7 thoughts on “The Next Set

      • Yay – it’s fun to play with new cameras. I feel quite rusty with mine of late. I need to get out and experiment like you do. Your photos have been fun to look at – I see them more on Instagram. I only check blogs on Sundays now. 😉

        • Only on Sunday, OK. Everything on the blog goes up on IG usually. I have far more interaction with followers on IG than on my blog by a long way! So why run the blog, right??

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