Unboxing The Sony RX100 Mark 7

Here are some photos I took with the iPhone when unboxing the new camera yesterday, I think they will give you an idea of the size and functions of this little camera. I’m back here later today. Happy Sunday!

15 thoughts on “Unboxing The Sony RX100 Mark 7

  1. I have the Mark III, awesome little RAW shooter and surprisingly pretty tough! I like the sound of the longer optical zoom lens in the VII, worth the small hit in reduced aperture and the stacked sensor should improve the already cracking image quality. For a small sensor, the M3 takes surprisingly good astro shots, handling noise well. Looking forward to some images and your longer term opinion.

    • I’d say it’s perfect for hiking, very light and so far it takes great photos. I need to review a video I watched last night on this specific camera. A reminder of it’s many functions. I recommend it!

    • Thanks, Trev. I had to do a quick search and had a look at your camera, it’s very similar in size and options. I think this camera can do everything I need yet in a tiny package compared to the Nikon Z6. I’ll use this camera exclusively for a few days, see how it goes.

      The dust problem with that Nikon is really aggravating.

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