Cute Critters and Lovely Views

As mentioned yesterday, I did take a short trip just outside of the city this morning. Your thoughts on the landscape photos using the Sony Mark 7 are most welcome. I also stopped at Calico Basin with peanuts in hand to feed the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. They are just so cute!

The little squeaks they make to communicate are cute too. At one point, they were literally at my feet, sniffing my shoes then looking right up at me as if to ask me if I have more food. It makes you feel so happy to have such sweet, innocent tiny critters trust you that much.

14 thoughts on “Cute Critters and Lovely Views

    • Wow, thanks very much my friend! I just finished processing another batch with more landscapes, such wonderful colours. I really appreciate your comment. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • Thank you! It’s funny how I felt sitting there on the picnic table with these darling little critters literally at my feet. I thought they might run up my legs. When they sit up on those tiny haunches and look up at you, you feel so happy! ๐Ÿฅฐ

  1. Fantastic lanscape shots too. Great colors, very crisp. I probably don’t need to mention that your area is very interesting. I’d totally go nuts with my camera there. If I wouldn’t be such an aviophobic person, I’d probably be sold on a holiday trip after Covid.

    • Thank you, Dennis, if you do come visit in the future I could help you find your way around the city and outside the city too. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒด

      • That would be awesome. It’s better to know a local who knows the place well. A friend recently tried to convince me that flying airline is not that bad and said I could start small, like an flight from Hamburg to Stockholm Sweden for example. And if that felt not too bad, I could try longer flights. He’s probably right. We need to work on our fears, otherwise we don’t get over it and won’t make fantastic holiday experiences.

        I flew in the past. But it was with one of those sports prop machines you can book on an airfield. That was 15 years ago but we basically visited an airfield and a pilot approached us and asked if we, individually, would like to book a 1-hour flight in the two seater. He told me he is ex Luftwaffe pilot (German airforce). It was that, the idea that if he flew jet fighters in the past, he most likely would be very pro with a more simplistic prop sports machine as well.

        So, I said yes. Got a headset and he asked things, explained things. We went right through the clouds but yet I still felt safe. Then he asked if I would be ok with tricks… I said yes. Honestly, I didn’t feel safe anymore, he has done some crazy stuff with me… and I had a 1-hour tremor in my knees when we landed. Could barely get away from the airfield by food lol. Still, it was fantastic.

        I think this personal connection to the pilot via headphone, the fact that you literally could touch the clouds… all that made me feel safe. I am more anxious about sitting in a crowded tin can. Not knowing or seeing the pilot, not hearing him say what he’s doing. And walls between me and the clouds, with just small windows. Funny how I liked the prop airfcraft flight, but not the idea of using airline, huh?

        Well, maybe I get that sorted out one day. I’d totally take your offer, showing me your area. Until then, I can still enjoy your beautiful photos. I enjoy them!

        • Thanks so much, Dennis. I’m glad you like my desert and city photography. A Tin Can is a perfect description for these commercial airliners, yet you are safer flying than driving long distances, not that you can drive from Germany to America!

          Small aircraft don’t feel as safe to me, I’ve had just one experience in one tough. My longest flights have been only in the States, across the country which is around five hours or so from say Tampa, Florida into Las Vegas, basically on the west coast.

          Covid has ruined so many lives. I haven’t actually seen my family in over one year now and it stinks, it hurts! And millions are in the same scenario. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Dennis. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

          • That is for sure. Statistics don’t exactly suggest driving a car ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking at your comment about the small aircrafts, it’s interesting how everyone has different concerns. I’d like to travel with a ship, like doing a cruise trip but not alone. When I attempted to inspire some friends with the idea, some of them said they don’t feel safe on a ship, they’d rather skip the idea. People are different ๐Ÿ™‚

            My close relatives do all live just a walk nearby but I totally understand your situation and others have. It would hurt me a lot too. I am affected in different ways. Covid affects us all in one way or another. Like you said, millions of people. Let’s hope the whole mess will end at some point. It’s totally nuts. I hope you can soon see your family again.

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